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Review of Mortgage CRM Software Options

coffee and laptop with crmA well-designed mortgage CRM is an important piece of software for loan officers to utilize with their teams. This type of software helps keep contacts, prospects, customers, referrals and leads all nicely organized in one easy to use the system. More important than the system, though, is how well it fits in with the way your office works and processes information. It’s vital that you have a system that can merge seamlessly with the way you already process information, and there are numerous CRMs being created just for mortgage professionals. Floify is not specifically a mortgage CRM, but we’re well informed about mortgage technology and how the pieces of the process work together to meet our clients’ needs.

What You Should Expect from a CRM Designed for Mortgages

It’s no longer as simple as creating a customer database and nothing else. Modern systems offer the contact management that a mortgage office needs, but they do so almost after the fact. Modern problems need modern solutions, with features designed to help mortgage offices automate processes like drip marketing, reporting, lead distribution, and other mortgages specific marketing and sales processes. There are numerous mortgage CRM systems that are growing in popularity within the lending industry. We examined a few of the more popular ones that are being used today, looked at their benefits, and how they might work out well for loan officers when used with their other software systems.

Unify CRM

Unify CRM is a popular mortgage CRM option that we’ve been hearing quite a bit about. This simple system provides great support for both marketing and contact management and has detailed analytics for sales professionals who need all the data they can get. Lenders that we work with utilize this system to create organized, process-focused systems that work well for their entire offices. This system is simple and stays in its lane. There are no loan documents, games, calculators or extra bells and whistles. This mortgage CRM sticks to relationship management, and it handles it very well.

Unify CRMs features consist of:

Lead management, contact management, and referral partner management LOS integration, monitoring of databases, and opportunity alerts Marketing communications that are fully automated Premade marketing items A library of flyers, pre-written emails, and entire sales campaigns After close campaigns Full business analytics Mobile application for working on the road Video Marketing Unify doesn’t offer its pricing information to the public, which does add a solid mark in the con column, unfortunately. Without knowing what the product costs, it’s difficult to recommend this system for smaller businesses, which may be more sensitive to product pricing. We do know that this seems to be a very solid option to help fill in gaps that a CRM should offer if you find that the price works well for your office. We’d love to see other solutions opt for the kind of integration that this product offers in the future, as we’re happy about the overall way this product functions.